fashion trendNEUTRAL CASUALS

Our inspiration lies in the non-colours of abandoned deserts and sand flats,
which we find in the use of natural raw materials. Their sometimes rustic character
places delicate and raw alongside each other.
We see how technological...developments and perfected techniques can achieve an upgrading of basics in both form and material, so that a contemporary, casual clothing style emerges.
Modern, present-day non-colours essentials, with accents in faded pastels and complemented by distinctive gold-tinted items.

Inspired by nature, valuable basic essentials, non-colours.
fashion trend


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Off white
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Woven: all kinds of fine cotton, poplin, cotton blends, muslin, crashed cotton, silk, satins.
Denim, canvas, linen and linen blends, bamboo.
Knit: Fine cotton yarns, fine cotton/wool blends, cotton jerseys, silk/linen, fine-gauge linen next to slub yarns, thick and thin twisted yarns, cotton fleece.

fashion trendPatterns
Rustic stripes, vegetable-dyed block prints, pin stripes, class animal prints, crinkle effects, fine ribs.
fashion trend
Bronze and gold-coloured buttons, leather accents, tone-in-tone tapes, tone-in-tone shiny top stitching.

Shapes Shirt dresses, knee-length skirts, tailored suits, cropped jackets, mini-shorts, Bermudas, wide pants, shirts and blouses, coats, twin sets, V-neck and sleeveless items, polo tops, tank tops.

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